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jD can't watch traffic from and to other applications and ports on your computer or any other computers in your local network. You can use a sophisticated traffic shaper or a bandwidth limiter for this purpose.

What you're asking usually is already built into every OS's network management. In normal conditions (no viruses nor badly configured firewalls) an OS will never allow one application to suffocate another one bandwidth wise. In conditions where an application needs a lot of bandwidth (video streaming, on-line gaming or cellular communication for instance), QoS is put into action. For Windoze, see "Windows XP Quality of Service (QoS) enhancements and behavior" ("").

What you can do additionally is increase your browser's process priority a little. In Windoze you can set its priority to 'AboveNormal'. It's possible that your jD is eating too much CPU cycles when downloading 20 files simultaneously and your browser is suffocated by a lack of CPU cycles.
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