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You can set a limit to the number of files jD can download at any time with the Max.Dls. option. You can also set a maximum Speed or Pause jD in situations where you need all the bandwidth for another application. Dynamic and automated traffic shaping shouldn't become functionality of jD.

FDM only takes into account the browser's activities and it doesn't take into account its real traffic. It decreases the Traffic Usage Mode or selects the Light mode when it detects browser activity. FDM only runs on Windoze, but jD is running on all platforms that support the JRE 1.5/6.

I'm usually using at least 5 applications that need to download/upload data to the Internet. If jD and all the other applications would have to manage their traffic based on the traffic of the other applications I would be running 5 traffic shapers plus the one of my OS. This would lead to a traffic management quagmire.

If your OS can't cope with the traffic or has a bad build-in traffic manager, a traffic shaping program might be useful. These tools are specialised in what you want.
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