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remi sorry but i can not understand why you think that this feature should be managed by OS. I use 2 linux OS and windows 7. But i can never surf comfortable when i download too many files with JD. This is not JDs fault thats why it must be a feature (at least as an extension who thinks that his OS is enough for network management ) for JD.

I don't know what FDM does but it is a solution which is not a solution as you sad (also as i told you) for JD. Anyway but we also need to find a solution for that. Every feature has it's advantages and disadvantages but every user selects features which use.

On my first message i explain why Max.Dls. and other all feature are not solution for me.(NOT JUST FOR ME) Maybe other users now are not thinking about this feature but all other friends i know can not surf comfortable on internet (when they download) i can see it when i visit them

You told me that you have 5 applications at the same which use network. OK but this is not a problem for management. Because JD will never stop. I told you that JD always will slow down 15-20 kb per second but also this decrease will have a limit too. So it just will left a little bit free space. just that. Nothing else. (This limit also should set by user).

With the free space which lefted by JD, we will be able to surf comfortable. I don't want to set unlimited or limit the speed of JD every time sit and left the computer.

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