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I recommend letting your friends read this thread. Maybe they understand the issues better.

My experience is that my Windows XP, but I've seen it on earlier versions of Windoze as well, takes into account all traffic nicely. I can see that as well with my upload because my upload bandwidth is more limited. Sometimes I'm uploading files, my BitTorrent client is still running and one of my cloud backup applications starts uploading.

This clearly proves that my Windoze XP is able to manage all 3 upload streams dynamically and automatically. I don't need to interfere. On top of that my OS also manages the small upload protocol overhead of jD and other download programs I'm using simultaneously.

I've an old computer with a small memory. My browser's process priority is set higher than that of jD.

Maybe your problem is your browser and not jD. I use Opera on all my machines, including an old W95 machine. It's always been fast. I know that some browsers like IE are extremely slow, because I sometimes need to use them on machines that I don't own.

Another cause of your problems might be malware or a botnet. At the moment the TDL-4 botnet 'owns' over 4.5 million computers and the number is steadily increasing.

If you've such problems with your operating systems, why do you never comment on my suggestion to use an specialised traffic shaping program? Do you understand the reasons why those programs exist? Do you understand their functionality?

If you've to manage several computers and applications simultaneously and want to set guaranteed traffic rates or traffic priorities you might be interested in gateway software/hardware or router based solutions.

Have a look at the requirements tracking database and you'll understand why a request of an anonymous customer like you won't be taken very seriously or be implemented soon. More urgent requirements like for instance multiple proxy support and file renaming are already waiting for several years.

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