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remi I understand exactly what you mean. You can surf on web with Opera on Windows XP. But who knows my operation system or my browser or other softwares that I use? Jdownloader works on Java which is maded to work cross platform.

You told me you can surf on web. And also you told me Windows and other OS have their conttollers about this issu. But i don't mind if they have or not. Because i can't surf comfortable. not just me i can see my friends too. Which some of my friends and I use linux distros many times which whey don't have virus or something (at least now).

You told me to go for other solutions ( like traffic controller softwares or...) but do you really think that i need install or configure my system JUST for this thing? (which is very difficult to control the network as you say for an end-user. On linux even we can find any program about anything... anyway...)

I have many times look for request for JD. Also I many times give my days-week to help about JD code. But don't forget JD is a GPL program and here there is no anonymous or known-user. Some open source softwares let the users to write even they don't have any account. And they care about they requests if they are logical. They don't look if the writer has account or not.

I understand that there are many important requests like multi-proxy, but i never told you set my request urgent or even normal-level! But if it is logical set it for far-away feature but you cant tell me there are many request and you are an anonymous ! We talk if the request is logical or not ? At this point you don't need to write that message. But i thank you again because you had write me at least answers...

I wish the other developers will write here about their ideas.

Thank you!
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