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JD2 is failing on rapidgator. It was doing something and setting a 1hr waittime, repeating for hours and hours in a row. (With no RG downloads for a couple days.) I set high priority on another link, and reset a rapidgator link to clear the plugin's saved waittime, and that triggered a 3min wait -> captcha. The captcha popped up, and I solved it correctly, but then the download didn't start. I started a browser download (of the link that RG had been failing on repeatedly, **External links are only visible to Support Staff****External links are only visible to Support Staff**) after doing that, so I know my IP wasn't blocked.

This should all be in the last 20mins or so of jdlog://7562414718241/

I double-checked captchas/ against the value I typed (from the logs), and I'm sure I solved it correctly.
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