Thread: [User feedback required] Extremely Sluggish Performance
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WHen it happens , task manager shows no drive nor LED activity, ample free memory and I can't save any files that may be open. JD shows 10.65 GB memory - I normally shut down TrendMicro antivirus when leaving JD running over night and my firewall is disabled at all times. I've checked & updated all drivers with no unusual activity.
Even after installing all Windows updates this still happens so I assume it's not related to corrupt system files (I've run SFC and DISM restore health commandlines with no corruption detected).
It may time to retire this system and start using my newer system going forward (64 GB memory, Asus TRX-40 E Gaming womanboard, AMD Threadripper 3970X)
Was hoping to keep this system alive however time will tell if it doesn't resolve itself soon)
Thank again.
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