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Question LinkGrabber ftp authent

I used to copy files from file explorer, connected to my ftp, then link analyzer would find any files so I could download them.
It stopped working several month ago, don't know why, didn't change password. The ftp authent infos are set in "Basic Authent" page.
When trying to manually add link, nothing is found unless I actually type : ""
By default when I copy a link from file explorer, the "pwd" isn't there.

What happened ?

What I don't understand is that JDownloader doesn't complain he cannot connect to the ftp, so for a while I just thought it was a bug from the clipboard analyzer, but by adding the pwd in the ftp link, seems like it should work.

I tried uninstalling/reinstalling, removing credentials from basic auth and putti,g it back without any success.
Thanks for your help.
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