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I recommend you to download the program from the download page, extract it and try it out. It's completely free.

You'll then get answers to most of your questions. If you've further questions or file hosts that aren't supported, please post them in the proper forums of this board.

Welcome to the best download manager on this planet!
actually i have downloaded and i've tested it, i clicked the drop down menu "links" ----> add links, and conveniently it has the url that i want to try out already up and running however when i click 'parse' it says it can't find the download.

I'm confused because i've tried all options, which url do i use? do i put in the url when it gives you the options to "free download" or click the free download option then use THAT url? OR do i wait the 30 seconds then click 'download' button that pops up and use THAT url? you should've given me some tips, but it doesn't matter because i tried them all and the program won't download. Upon that i've got alot of cool stuff from "" that i want yet some don't have the free download option, now if this doesn't help, then the program is stilll good but doesn't do as well as i hoped. I need more info on what i can do or can't do with the program, some guidance or a manual would help:outch: