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Default Best way to populate JD with links from clipboard?


Usually, when I want to download with JD, I copy the links in clipboard, switch to JD, click the Add New Links button and then click Start All Downloads.

I find this manual method cumbersome and slow, so I am looking for an easier, faster way which will involve less steps.

I know about the Clipboard Observer feature and the MyJdowloader Chrome extension but I find them limited in their use. The Observer needs to be manually enabled/disabled which means I will have to switch to JD every time to do it, since it lacks a keyboard shortcut. It also doesnt catch all links, so again, I will have to manually put them in JD.

The MYJ exensions works very well for links copied from inside the web pages, but for the clipboard links it uses its own CO which does have a keyboard shortcut (why doesnt the JD app have such a shortcut?) to toggle it, but again it doesnt catch all the links.

So, is there a simple way to populate JD with links from clipboard, without having to manually switch to JD every time? for example, a keyboard shortcut which when pressed, from inside any active window, the links will be passed to JD?
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