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Thank you that fixed it, now it puts all the pictures in the same package which has the name of the account.

But now I have another problem. If I add the twitter link through copy/paste into the Linkgrabber, it works fine because the SourceUrl is

But I usually add the links through a crawljob file, and as a result the SourceUrl field takes the path name of the crawljob file. So I cant use it to parse the twitter username to the packagename holder.

Is there a way to tell JD to use the links inside the crawljob as the sourceurls and not the path of the crawljob file? Either by a JD setting, a modification of the crawljob itself or the packagizer rule?

sorry for the questions, though I am using JD for years, it is only recently that I have started taking its organization capabilities seriously, and I am trying to adapt it to my needs.

again, thank you for all the help.
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