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Originally Posted by radorn View Post
JD will detect that a file already exists and cancel the download.
These fail-safe measures are good, but, to me, insuficient.
It happends too that JD can identify doubles first so that 3 Hosters load part1,part2,part3 but later in the same Package it fails. This Bug is already reported long time ago.
Cause some hosters are gone and the others are overloaded thats a huge Problem now. JD manage it to hit 3 existing files, means 3 recaptchas(2-3 times each cause of RC Bug), and finaly you got 0 Downloads. Cause this files exists and JD requested the files from the Hosters, you reached the Download limit. You Download nothing at all for the next time. And cause Hosters are overloaded you may unable to complete a file this day(20kb/s and less) without a Disconnect.
Fewer hosters means more time for fixing this Bug finally...
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