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Default Can I Import Decrypted Links From Another Instance Of Jdownloader?

I live in a totalitarian state (CHina) where the authority blocks rapidshare and I'm a SJ fan. I work around the government firewall by using a proxy server and two instances of jdownloader at the same time, one with proxy, one without. I check the RS links in the proxied jdownloader first before I copy them into the unproxied one to download using a premium account. My proxy server is too slow for downloading.

Now my problem is, I use SJ a lot and they encrypted their links. The government firewall even blocks the keyword "rapidshare" in such a way that I have to use the proxied jdownloader to decrypt it, which means if I want to start downloading, I'll have to switch the proxy setting on and off. That I can deal with. The problem arises when I accidentally put the same download in both jdownloaders so they get downloaded twice, wasting time and bandwidth.

My question is, is there a way to combine the download links of two jdownloaders? Can I move them from one to another without just "copying" them?

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