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That won't be easy except if you're willing to overwrite all the links in the second (non-proxy) instance. jD protects the encryption and you'll not be able to copy unprotected/decrypted links.

There are two basic ways to get those decrypted links into the other instance. Copying the \config folder or make a backup and extract that over the \config folder of the second (downloading) instance.

You need to close both instances before you do such operations. By copying the whole configuration/backup you also copy the proxy settings, so you need to remove them before you close jD-1.

A flexible system that allows you to chose the IP address for each operation (check/decrypt/download) would be the perfect solution for you, but jD isn't there yet.

Since all this copying/extracting is time expensive I would work with bigger batches of links that I keep temporarily in a text file. An alternative is to alternate between both instances, but you'll always have to restart jD when you want to change the IP address.

Don't hesitate to ask further questions, because this is the first time I get such a question. There might be other ideas coming from other people.

EDIT: I think the best solution would be that RS supports SSL link checking.

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