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I don't know if you're familiar with SJ and Dokujunkies or not. They are both major German downloading sites with many, many goodies. But you need to key in captchas to decrypt their links and they have limit on the number of captchas, something like 30 every 2 hours or thereabouts. I can never be sure. Anyway, it's a time consuming process to get their links. Usually 30 packages takes me about 20 minutes to half an hour, using jdownloader. It takes longer if I click on each and every link in those packages to get the real RS address that I can copy and paste at will. So basically, I need the proxied jdownloader to decrypt those links and check whether they still work.

There are low-tech workaround for my problem, like I can compare the links by hand or since RS is limitless now, I can delete the duplicates when they are downloaded, or I can get each real RS link individually, or I can use a fast VPN. I think I'm going to use VPN 24x7 from now on. It sucks because then my connection to websites inside China will be slow like a cow. Man, I hate the stupid Chinese government. Now they annoyed me enough so that I'll consider joining in the next wave of effort to overthrow them.

Thanks again for your help. Sorry for the unrelated ranting.

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