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The ranting is 100% justified and related to the subject of your difficulties and the problems you're experiencing with jD and communication in general. That you're expressing these feelings is a first step. The next steps will be to convince all the people you relate to, including older people belonging to the middle class. I'll explain why this is necessary.

Overthrowing power elites isn't possible. You'll simply replace/transform them into other power elites that'll be as criminal and hypocrite as the former versions.

This overthrowing process is already going on for thousands of years and nothing has changed, to the contrary. Dictatorships (at school called governments) are getting more and more control over their citizens. Electronic ID cards, cameras, echelon spying, holes in Skipe to enable the CIA to listen, wire tapping, Gogol, Faecesbook, anti-terrorism laws, etc.; the possibilities for control are endless in this electronic era. Super computers do the parsing of sentences and matching of the keywords. How are they able to create this spying/control at such vast scales? Dictatorships know that they can control their populations by creating a climate of fear. Pearl Harbour and 9/11 are perfect examples of how they do that. Patriot Acts now exist in most countries. Deportation of people, secret prisons, and torture are now common practices. The killing of enemies without trial and bombardments of defenceless people are commonly respected and applauded.

The only way to change a society is to create awareness among the majority of the population. Don't forget that power elites are always supported by many loyal, dependent collaborators. They're dependent slaves, sucking woman's breasts, who can't imagine a free world of independently thinking people. This category of people is sometimes called the tax paying, middle class. They live in an illusionary world, often indoctrinated in schools and further shaped by the propaganda media. They're convinced they get more services from their government than they pay (taxes). Of course they don't take into account the gigantic bureaucratic waste and the corruption money that goes to the power elites to 'fortify' them.

As long as this class of complete idiots outnumbers those of the lower classes, mostly the young and the poorest people, the power elites will stay.
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