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th command java -jar jdownloader.jar --help give me the folowing but I don't see how change the download directory for the specified link.

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10 04/03/11 15:40:37 - INFO [jd.Main(main)] -> Start JDownloader
JDownloader JD-Team

-h/--help Show this help message
-a/--add-link(s) Add links
-co/--add-container(s) Add containers
-d/--start-download Start download
-D/--stop-download Stop download
-H/--hide Don't open Linkgrabber when adding Links
-m/--minimize Minimize download window
-f/--focus Get jD to foreground/focus
-s/--show Show JAC prepared captchas
-t/--train Train a JAC method
-r/--reconnect Perform a Reconnect
-C/--captcha <filepath or url> <method> Get code from image using JAntiCaptcha
-p/--add-password(s) Add passwords
-n --new-instance Force new instance if another jD is running

any idea?
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