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Sorry think you're on the wrong path.

url in > matches either crawler task (decrypter/linkcrawler) pattern OR hoster pattern
triggers said events based on link. information is derived from decrypter setting filename or in most cases hoster plugins 98% doing online checking will do this.
filename information is not available within folder watch, and never will.

in your example youtube, you can specify the custom filename. please use this function if its youtube based (settings > plugins > youtube and scroll down to pakagename and filename customisations.
please utilise package customiser rules to rename files (on mass) for plugins that do not give references to customise, this is the correct place this task can be completed. dynamic tags are available via right click automatically based on fields and used listen events or defaults.

folder watch, you can set the filename if you want it outside of default. This will be the forced filename and takes your information as gospel (correct).

hope this helps.

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