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Originally Posted by Malpholio View Post

I think the update to fix the out of date plugin issue has broken the 'only grab best of selected resolutions below?' functionality.

I've got it set to 1080p as the maximum and it worked a few days ago, but today it always selects 2060p if that's also available.

Apart from the allowing the updates to install themselves I haven't changed anything in JD2.
Whoa! Hold it there mister, no one is messing with the plugin again! lol Do the following... Only check the second option for both plugins. The first option will always grab the best possible and override the second. I think the update makes it less confusing, but it worked just fine before. Although i was slightly confused by it too, at first (because you had to check both). Before this, if you had both selected, the second would override the first.
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