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Hi again,

What happened is probably:
1. You've enabled "Ignore trafficlimit" but did not refresh your account afterwards.
2. JD tried to download a 1,6GB .mkv file and checked if it was uploaded by you --> No it wasn't --> Impossible to download because you do not have enough traffic.
Error which appears in my browser when I'm using my test-account:
<p style="font-size:15px; margin-top:0;">
Masz 50 MB transferu, do pobrania pliku potrzebujesz jeszcze 1,55 GB
If you want JD to download the stream version in this case, you should allow stream downloads and allow JD to fallback into free mode (e.g. NOT add an account usage rule for

In my case, JD fell back into free mode and downloaded the stream version --> Expected behavior.

If you had refreshed your account after enabling "unlimited traffic", JD would have attempted to download the file --> Fail --> Temporarily disable your account (yellow status) with error "Traffic limit reached".

I've updated the plugin so whenever the "unlimited" setting is enabled, account status will change to:
Account without traffic limitation (limitation disabled by user)
I don't see how you should be able to download this file without the requireed traffic ...

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Do you have Nero installed?
That's true James
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Die Leute verstehen einfach nicht dass nur weil man mit einer Waffe auch auf Menschen schießen kann dass ein Schützenver​ein kein Ort für Amoklaufide​en ist

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