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Please, help me out, I'm really lost here. I need multiupload links to be working with Jdownloader. If I go to C: program files(x86) I can see a folder Java and inside this folder I can see another folder jre1.6.0.

I opened Java software and the version I have installed is Java version 6 update 17 build 1.6.0_17-b04

If I click to update Java, it will update to version 6 update 22, you said That I should use update 20, but I can only find in the web update 22.

Please if you have a direct link for Java version 6 update 20, post it for me so I can download, otherwise I can only download update 22 which is newest version.

It's strange though that I could download multiupload links without any problem using this version of Java. I guess you guys did some update for Jdownloader and now it doesn't work anymore with this version of Java that I'm using.