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why exactly is there a need to micromanage packages (enable/disable)? JD will download from either 'account based downloads, based on priority, queue order'. JD will download from those hosts with account assuming traffic is left. It will then switch to free mode assuming you haven't disabled action in account usage rules.

I really don't see the point in disabling packages when JD entire design is to process queue order in logical manner (see above) at the core. The only time it wouldn't obey queue process order is when you have not enough space on disk for given download, or your traffic allowance could only start smaller size file vs larger one. To me this is desired behaviour as it still uses your daily quota to the fullest, which means high progress rate of queue. Disabling/enabling yourself actually would slow your over all queue progress down!

If free mode is disabled for that given hoster, and assuming there are no other downloads from other hosters that could be started, JD would 'Stop'.

Account manager does updates every ~30minutes so JD should automatically tell when you have traffic left. If you know when the hoster account traffic reset happens each day, I would recommend that you create scheduler rules enable account && start download queue at given time.

If you use JD functions to its intended design behaviour, instead of been micro managed you wouldn't have these issues. But maybe I am missing the point?
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