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Love JD2 my.jdownloader remote access

I'm on a Xmas trip and set up my Linux JD2 thru my.jdownloader (web plugin) and tested it before I left. I didn't test it completely before I left as I discovered that the add links pop-up dialog box is too tall for my laptop screen, resulting the bottom being clipped (can't see the Continue button). I thought I was going to have to download via the laptop's installed version of JD2.

But, I discovered that when I right-click on the selected text, I see an option to send the link to JD2 to let it do the downloading. I thought that it meant to the running local JD2. Instead, I discovered that it sent the link to the remote JD2. Perfect, as that got around the pop-up bug (separately reported).

Needless to say I am very impressed with the my.jdownloader application. Two thumbs up to the developers. I'd do more thumbs up, but I only have the two.

Thanks for the app, it has been a great help while I am away from home.

Merry X-mas and a Happy New Year.

[Oops! This belongs in the separate myJD2 feedback page.]

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