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Can I ask if this is the same problem? I have two instances of not being able to use my allotted BW on filejoker. I had my premium 50GB available last night before I started JD, but when I got up this AM, only 29.3GB was DL'd and I had only 72MB of BW left.

I don't see a bunch of retries at the start of the DL as described in this thread, so I don't have evidence of that. But there is a log that includes last night's DL. I have also contacted filejoker to find out why DL's used 167% of my BW.

If this is not the same bug, let me know and I'll create a new one.

08.08.19 21.32.15 <--> 10.08.19 11.33.03 jdlog://5200286935451/
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