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Maybe I am wrong, I think
setting does it,
"If true, JD will switch to the Download Tab after confirming Links in Linkgrabber"

It works well, If I disable it, JD2 doesn't switch tabs at download start.

Default is true, and I set this value, but it caused problem for me too, really must pay attention.

I propose to change the "confirm" word to "start download" in the setting name and help, and in the linkgrabber quick option "Auto confirm", because the action name is "Start downloads" in menu/button - this way it would be better understandable.

This setting is very static in the advanced settings, very hard to change it dynamically, according to immediate needs.

It would be better to be able to say explicitly, what is needed, with the help of

-a new "start downloads without tabswith" menu item, or
-a new quick setting option "disable tabswitch" above the "start downloads" button.
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