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Default Speed issue with http(s) downloads in JD2

Howdy folks!

I've been experiencing an issue with downloads in JD2 since switching from an older router to a new one. I upgraded my connection with my ISP after hearing about a promo deal, so they doubled my speed for less money.

My speeds in JD2 on HTTP/HTTPS downloads are topping out 1.2 MB/sec from hosts like Google Drive and other direct connections where no accounts are involved and even on premium hosters where previously I was able to get 10 MB/sec or more. My settings are 1 chunk per DL / 12 max DLs / 2 DLs max per host / no speed limit.

Downloads in JD2 from an ftp source work at full speed, but anything with http or https in the link causes the issue to appear. No matter how many downloads I have running, they all adjust their speed to share the same 1.2 MB/sec, which is 20x slower than I would expect with a 230 Mbps connection.

After some testing I'm able to download at full speed in Firefox (confirmed with Task Manager > Network).

Advertised Speed: 200 Mbps
Actual Speed:
Local Link: 1.0 Gbps, Cat 6, 2 meter cable
Router: Netgear Nighthawk X4 AC2350 (R7500v2)
Modem: Arris CM820A DOCSIS 3.0
PC: MSI B350 mobo, AMD Ryzen 1700, 32 GB RAM, Win 10 Pro
Router settings: QoS=OFF, DoS/Port Scan=OFF, Router=DHCP Server, DHCP Reservation for my PC, NAT Filtering=SECURE, etc. etc.

I've been using the 10GB and 50GB files located here: hXXp:// and fXp:// to test my speed with hosts not related to any accounts or anything. I don't have any Google Drive files to test, but it's always been fast for me.

I've tried the things suggested by Jiaz in the thread on this board as well as in an email to their support (thanks Jiaz).

Does anyone have any other ideas? I can't help but think there's a setting somewhere that I've missed. Much appreciated!

Edit: (not trying to promote other tools) IDM works fine with the Tele2 test files above. 5 MB/sec or more.

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