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Default Possible to run or open 2 Jdownloader simultaneously ?

I had a question , can I possible to run 2 Jdownloader simultaneously ?
I was thinking if Jdownloader does not support the bandwidth limit on every download file or packages.Would it be better if running Two jdownloader together and limit one of them ?
I am not sure how it put , it would be running both but limit the link I wanted.
Jdownloader 2 - youtube link - limit to 1mbps
Jdownloader 2 - Filehosting link - without limit

Mostly when both youtube and filehosting link is added together in a single Jdownloader , youtube link will take over 70-90% of the bandwidth leaving other filehosting link with just 10% of speed which will cause timeout.I even set the priority to the highest but youtube does have a very good connection which get prioritize all the bandwidth.

Thank you.
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