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Question Pluralsight hoster plugin issues because of Cloudflare and hcaptcha

Hi how can I set the min/max timeouts between sequential video downloads from Pluralsight?

I've been using some other solution for the download, and since it's not working any more I just have found that JDownloader (I had been using JD a long time ago very often) can be used to download from that site. But it seems that besides the video per hour limits, there is also a limit in the consecutive downloads.
The solution I had been using had a timeout of min 60 to max 120 seconds (the actual value was a random from that range) between downloads. When I messed up those values I got banned and had to wriggle out from the situation, but when I used predefined timeouts everything was ok.

So how I can achieve that, either by setting or perhaps a script?
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