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Originally Posted by drbits View Post
You do not have to be present for all of the Captchas, you can just check periodically -- No need for the anxiety that some people people feel.
One already has to... for a lot of hosters. Missing several captchas will delay the download considerably.

Originally Posted by drbits View Post
To get you started, you would change the JAC to make an asynchronous function call whenever it displays a window. The function can use ACM library code (or use more up to date code from any open source Java program) to play the file. In the simplest version, it would always play captcha.wav in the JDownloader directory, so there would not be a need for UI changes.
Since you already figured out a viable approach, how much time do you think it would take a skilled coder to implement it in this simple form? Unfortunately I'm completely illiterate when it comes to coding but surely some JD team member should be able to whip up a three-liner that does not interfere with the current code (changes)?

Originally Posted by drbits View Post
You could also use a macro program that performs a task whenever a window opens with the proper title.
Which is a resource hog as has been already mentioned. I'm currently using Chronomaster's AutoIt script and a 10 second intervall as a workaround.

Originally Posted by remi View Post
Do you mean Captcha Alert consumes too much CPU cycles?
No, having a script in the background that checks every 250 ms or so if a window is present consumes CPU cycles better spent for other purposes.
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