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No, having a script in the background that checks every 250 ms or so if a window is present consumes CPU cycles better spent for other purposes.
I admire your sense of efficiency. If all people would reason like you there wouldn't be resource scarcities on this planet.

Last year's processors (let's take the AMD Phenom II X6 1100T) execute 78,440 million instructions per second. Today's processors doubled that speed.

Let's assume that every check uses 100 processor instructions then the CA tool will consume 4 / 784 million instructions, i.e., 5.102e-9 % = 0.000000005 % of your processor time.

In 78,440 million / 400 seconds = 196100000 seconds = 2270 days = 6 years and 2 months CA will have consumed 1 second of your processor's time.

Correct me if I made a mistake in my calculations or assumptions.
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