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Many thanks!

Once you comment out the message, JD will only skip it and not display any message. Skipping is required to prevent downloading the file again.
So deactivating (instead of skipping) the links would not work, I guess.

To avoid dupe checking everytime you start JD, remove the "#duplicatelink" or "#duplicatefile" from the comment (if you are plannig to redownload the file)
So it is not possible to keep the "#duplicatefile" in the comments when JD closes / restarts, I assume.

How could one remove the "#duplicatelink" from all comments / for all duplicates with a single action / click or so instead of removing them maunally one by one?

Could the links be checked for duplicates in the link grabber already?

So if there is no connection to the server the files to be downloaded are stored on or there is a wainting time for downloads it is not possible to check for duplicates? So one had to wait for the waiting time to finish to let the script check for the dupllicats?

Although links (from Mega) just were downloaded and added to the history they were downloaded a second time after having added them to JD again. Why is this? In a next try they are skipped.

In this list
// Skip download link, if filename exists in the user-spcified list
// To download the file (prevent skipping), remove "#duplicatefile" from comment
// Trigger required: A Download Started

var fileNamesList = "I:\\jD-Downloads\\jD-Dummies.txt"; // < Set path to text file which contain the file names. Use "\\" or "/" as path separators.
var dupeFilecheck = link.getProperty("dupeFileCheck");
var linkName = link.getName();
var comment = link.getComment() || "";
var skipLink = function() {
there are trailing spaces in each line (after the name of the archivies already being download). Does that - the spaces - avoid the already downloaded archives to be recognized?

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