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To disable the link instead of skipping it, replace link.setSkipped(true); with link.setEnabled(false); in both the scripts.
Thank you!

The script will be present in the comment field till it is deleted by you. The links will however be unskipped automatically when the download is started, so the script will check the comment and skip it again.
So an automatically / second / further check after restarting / starting JD cannot be avoid, I assume. But if the skip link message (of the script) is disabled the user will not notice it when skipping is enabled or disabling, I assume.

Thank you very much for the new script!

Dupe link check is done only when adding links to linkgrabber. Dupe file check is done only when the download starts.
Could the links in the link grabber (when added to it) checked for dupe links (for file check it is not possible, I assume, as they are checked only at download start) already be marked (in another color as JD marks them) in the link grabber window to be able to remove them before starting the downloads / adding them to the download list?

Yes, leading and trailing spaces can prevent the filenames from matching. I have modified the script in Post #24, to remove leading/trailing spaces in filenames from your text file before matching them.
Many thanks!
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