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So if I want the message(s) to be shown I just would exchange these commands. But that does not sound like an invalid command, but just one with another function, I would think.
Yes skipLink function has two commands link.setSkipped and alert (to show message). You can use only skipLink. To active/deactivate message display, simply comment/uncomment the alert command.

Disable the link check? Or what link? I would not turn any link check off.
Not link check. I was suggesting, if you wish, you can use link.setDisabled in both scripts, instead of skipLink.

A good point. But unskipping a duplicate link would not be necessary here, just remove it.
Deleting duplicate link directly using the script is also possible. But, there is no UNDO action in JD. So, it is better to give the user a chance to review the links before deleting it.
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