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When filtering only subtitle files the linkgrabber filters video files as well.
I just tested several times and it adds 19 videos but when I 'restore' the filtered items it restores the other 7 video files.
I tried it from 'Subtitle File' to srt and it does the same. If I disable the filter than all 26 video files show up in the linkgrabber. So apparently the filter will not work properly to show all video files unless I disable the filter for all.

The 1st attachment is the 'view' and 2nd is the filter 'rule'.

I'm not sure what the cause of this is but I created another separate filter rule and set a size range from 0b to 50mb and this is working properly.

After reviewing the screens, it appears that the missing videos files from 7 of the 8 packages was from Nitroflare, strange that it left only one nitro-video file for one of the packages only, I retested several times with the same results to make sure it was not a one-timer, so this particular filter with this particular method affects nitroflare files.

By the way enabling or disabling the custom view has no effect on this, I left it disabled for further test results:
I tested by alternating between the no subtitle filter(filters out subs + 99% of the nitro video files) and the 0b-to-50mb(this one works properly by allowing all videos from all hosts and filtering out subs+images).
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