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Thank you very much!

I have changed one of the scripts like this:

// Skip link if it present in download history (has "#duplicatelink" in comment)
// To download the file (prevent skipping), remove "#duplicatelink" from comment
// Trigger required: A Download Started

var comment = link.getComment() || "";

if (comment.indexOf("#duplicatelink") > -1) {
    // var url = link.getContentURL() || link.getPluginURL(); // Nur tatsächlich runtergeladene Varianten von YouTube werden als Duplikate behandelt
    var url = link.getHost() == "" ? link.getContainerURL() : link.getContentURL() || link.getPluginURL(); // alle Varianten auf YouTube werden als Duplikate behandelt
    link.setSkipped(true); //To disable the link instead of skipping it, replace link.setSkipped(true); with link.setEnabled(false); in both the scripts
    alert("Download Skipped: \"" + url + "\" is present in history file.");
You can manually strip the variant string (following the video ID) from the urls which already exist in your 'history' file. (Keep a backup of the file, just in case).
Sorry, I do not understand what this means. I can remove the code in the history.txt that causes the downloaded links / files be treaten as duplicates only (instead of all the variants of a video)?
What do I have to do? Search a part of the example string in the history file?
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