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Default Screen shots + description

Here goes:
1. on screen capture (henceforth SC) 1-jd there's a link, on which I've right clicked and selected "Copy link address"
2. In response I received the screen SC 2-jd (I've checked the two options in the small jd captcha window).
3. After clicking the "I'm not a robot" button, jd came up with SC 3-jd.
4. In contrast, when I chose to left click on the link in SC 1-jd, I was taken to a screen as in SC 4-jd.
5. When I copied the page url, the response was SC 5-jd, in which you can see that jd added the item, and I was faced again with SC 3-jd.

Hope all this is clear and make sense to you.
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