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Originally Posted by Fetter Biff View Post
Where is that checkbox? Respectively the main panel?
The checkboxes (first column) have been enabled. From the screenshot everything appears to be ok.

For security purposes, on first run, JD will request your permission to execute the script. You can safely click OK for own/known scripts.

You can also change button names (for e.g. use native language). Just make sure that you use the same names in script as well as context menu.

Can do the same with comment. It can be also used in the search bar to filter/view duplicate links.

Originally Posted by Fetter Biff View Post
The JD Chat, thank you, is it more useful than doing it here? Can images be used there?
It is suitable for technical assistance, since you don't have to wait between replies. Sharing image/file links are also permitted.
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