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Originally Posted by pspzockerscene View Post
it is not planned to add a limit.
Here is what you could do:
1. Remove the windows path length limit:
2. Use **External links are only visible to Support Staff**... to shorten the filenames.

hi, i try a example Event Scripter, but not work !
how i can debug ? did you have a npm for get intellisence and @types in a IDE?
I try the default example provider by jsdownloader: `Create an Info-File in the Download-Folder with detailed information`
But it do nothing ! and hard to learn without debugger, log, @type, IDE and doc !
Do you provide a remote debugging port for connect vscode debug?
Am lost sorry, and the forum and doc is heelish for noob !
By being respectful you have created the best download software in the world, but the worst forum in the world.

I have the impression to find myself in the years 1998��
**External links are only visible to Support Staff**
thanks for your time
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