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JD2 no longer processes K2S.CC links. After sending links into the clipboard, the LinkGrabber pane remains blank.

Here is the logfile.

15.07.17 11.50.30 <--> 15.07.17 11.51.25 jdlog://7721114015941/

I checked that JD2 picked up the links by clicking on the "Add New Links" button. The link urls do appear in the "Analyse and Add Links" popup dialog box.

I also selected "Start Deep Link Analyse" from the "Continue" button, but that didn't work either.


I downloaded the files using FireFox. After entering the captcha and waiting for the 30 second delay, K2S then presents another link for the actual download. I sent that url into the clipboard, but JD2 didn't process that link either. Here is the log with the additional clipped K2S link:

15.07.17 11.50.30 <--> 15.07.17 12.04.00 jdlog://6821114015941/

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