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Could you please expand the window where the images of the captcha are displayed ?
or alternatively bind this to the whole window size control, so that increasing the whole window size, also increases the display area for image.

-if using 150% zoom, some images are too big & provide a scrolling bar (I'm on windows 7 x64 if that matters)
-even if not using that setting, some captchas are too big
-example I got recently, couldn't answer it in the 30s time lapse because of that scrolling bar :
there was a question following were no less than 9 numbered images that I had to sort through & write the numbers corresponding with commas in between apparently.

To sum it up, this captcha had a lot of vertical pixels that were not displayed as a whole in CBH captcha solver, forcing the use of the scrollbar which detracts from the typing & verification.

Thanks for hearing me out.
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