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Default what is this JD thing?

JDownloader (or JD for short) is a java-based Download(s) Manager. This means ir REALLY helps you download "direct download" files from a lot of filesharing sites. It is very useful for FREE accounts, which require you to wait between successive downloads in order to limit traffic.

All you have to do (on the Mac) is to copy the link to the file to the clipboard, and JD will take it from there. It will go check the hoster to see if it is available, then you hit "continue" to put it into the active download list. JD does the rest by downloading ALL your links into the folder you told it to.

To answer your question, it does not help you log into or get an account into hosters (like rapidshare, filefactory, easyshare, etc.). But if you have accounts there, enter this PREMIUM account info for each hoster into JD and it will manage THAT, too.