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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
@wppcproductions: please make sure your JDownloader is up2date. all links tested okay. In case it still doesn't work, please provide a debug log. Enable Settings-Advanced Settings-Log.debugmodeenabled and restart JDownloader. try to add/download and create a log, see **External links are only visible to Support Staff**... and post shown logID here

Hi Jiaz. Your first sentence was the magic words.."please make sure your JDownloader is up2date".

My bad here .I just have make sure it gets updated all the time. Auto update.

All links with problems before are working.

This is a good note to all users .Please make sure your JDownloader is up2date when using Jdownloader .After that .Come here if issues arise after Update ...

I want to say thanks for your time Jiaz for the help.
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