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Originally Posted by tony2long View Post
Example links please, I notice that spankbang put country code in front, is that your case?
spankbang . com /3msiq/video/sweetvane68368
spankbang . com /3msao/video/sweetvane65789
spankbang . com /3msap/video/sweetvane4567848

Originally Posted by mero4711 View Post
Für Spankbang ist der linkgrabber defekt (nur mache und wenige Videos funktionieren noch).

Wenn ich mit einem Browser-video-download-tool checke (das noch funktioniert), scheint JD die "HLS Streaming"-links nicht zu sehen.

**External links are only visible to Support Staff**...

Edit: sorry, this landed in the English section. In short: For Spankpank linkgrabber doesn't work in most cases. "HLS-Streaming"-links are not picked up.
i never needed browser extensions to download the videos, but after this change, i'am using the flashgot to get stream links and put them in jdownloader and download slowly
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