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Default Hangs After Update [See raztoki first reply for true fix.]

v 0.9.581. Jre 7u51 x64. Win 7 sp1 x64.
Just updated. On restart splash screen hangs on Start Controller message. Killed in task manager and tried a few restarts. Always hangs. Restored jd folder from image. Started ok. Needed Zippyshare, Hugefiles, Onefichier. Copied the updated class files before restoring.
Started copy/paste test on restored folder.
Onefichier - jd starts and download from host works.
Zippyshare - jd hangs on Start Controller.
Deleted and restored old.
Hugefiles - jd starts and plugin outdated message. Log
For anyone with same problems please remember to save your current queue before deleting/restoring previous version of jd folder. Copying the config folder to another location should do the trick. To restore queue just copy/overwrite back to jd folder.
Have working jd so won't be testing any other updated pulgins.
Thank you.

PS. Updating jd and restoring old zippyshare class works.
Location under jd main folder is

Download link - **External links are only visible to Support Staff** 12 kb file. Backup queue/jd first and try at own risk.
Old plugin is outdated so while jd will start working zippyshare links will give an outdated message.

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