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Default "Start controller" problem

I started JD today, and a message appeared saying that there were over 200 updates available. I accepted it, JD ran the updates, but when it restarted, the JD logo appeared with the message "Start controller" below, and it stayed there for ever.
I looked for threads concerning this problem in the fórum, and I found one titled "Start controller". In it, user Hily1954 presents the same problema I'm quoting here.
1) Lram32 says that another user says that "deleting the folder hoster (C:\JDownloader\jd\plugins\hoster)" is a solution. I did it, but when I started JD afterward, all ítems in the download list had a plugin error message. So I restored the folder, and when I restarted JD, the "Start controller" problem appeared again.
2) Hily1954 says that he had 3 inactive ftp links in his list, that he "deleted the ftp plugin from the plugins folder" and JD started working again. I've no idea what this means (I'm no expert) so I don't know if it applies to me.
So right now I'm without JD again. Is there a SIMPLE solution to this problem, one intended for non expert users like me?
Thank you very much!

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