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i didn't know that, i'm new to object and method in general
You're one step ahead of me; I haven't got a clue about any of this stuff! Appreciate the help though.

which site penalises you ? Maybe best approach is for us to add plugin specific code to just always return links online. Filename/size/onlinestatus will only be available on download

adding work around like this is kinda pointless. right? Have you thought about turning linkchecking off (advanced setting)?
The site is **External links are only visible to Support Staff** You can download about 75 things before you get hit with a captcha. Linkchecking gets counted in that. Fortunately pspzockerscene very kindly made a crawler rule for me, and I turned link checking off.

If you felt like making a plugin that handled this that would be amazing (I have 300k files to download!) - because my very hacky solution to getting round the recaptcha with mouse macros works until it starts asking you to match pictures instead of just ticking a box. In my testing I've found that you can complete the captcha on a completely different computer and it'll still reset the download limit - so I'm guessing that it would be possible to automate everything and send the captchas to a farm via a plugin. I'd love to make this myself but I think it's beyond my capabilities
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