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Sorry I haven't really been clear about how their site works:
You get around 75 downloads (varies) between captcha requests
The captchas start as just clicks (hence mouse macro), but then turn into the picture ones after (presumably) too many captcha requests have been done in a set amount of time.

Something I haven't mentioned which actually seems quite relevant is that the captcha page is generic: (**External links are only visible to Support Staff****External links are only visible to Support Staff**)
and resets the download limit even if you browse to it directly without being redirected there (which is why my mouse macro works because it just browses to that page and clicks the box automatically).

Presumably then a plugin could pass that link plus the embedded session cookie out to a captcha farm automatically whenever a download fails? It feels like that would be more straightforward than most plugins, but obviously I speak from a position of complete ignorance. Is there a similar plugin already in JD that I could study?
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