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Default Important Reminder for Free users

Important Reminder

If you are a free user (freeloader) like me, file hosts will add inconvenience to encourage us to pay for a premium account. The wait between downloads is normal. Slow download speeds are normal. Sometimes having to respond to Captcha challenges is normal. Even getting messages that say the host is busy are normal.

JDownloader helps in several ways.
1) JD allows you to keep an organized list of what you want to download. Files will download in the order you specify when downloading is available from that host, otherwise JDownloader will go to the next host in your download list.

2) by setting the number of downloads to 3-4, JDownloader will almost always be downloading if you have links from enough hosts.

3) for advanced users with the right equipment, JDownloader can change your IP address to help avoid waiting time, but this is not necessary if you follow step 2. You should learn to search for threads and mirrors before you worry about reconnection.

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