Thread: [Solved] Rapidgator and Verizon/FIOS
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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
You should not use one account with several IPs. They easily can detect this as account sharing.
When it works with VPN but doesn't work without it, then it is very likely to be caused by DNS. Either dns block or IP blocks
Eh, Verizon FIOS just took about a week to resolve the DNS for RG.

It's not the first time they've had DNS resolution problems either. Never had this problem with my home OOL.

Still don't understand why k2s would care about possible account sharing, 'cause you only get a certain amount a day, and the worst that could happen is it's used up by whoever (someone paid them for that bandwidth, so it's not really theft - unless the person that paid is getting his bandwidth stolen)

P.S. Note I've NEVER shared my k2s or fileboom accounts btw
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