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Default Single socks5 proxy and automatic reconnects

Hi there!

My setup is a single socks5 proxy on localhost that controlls multiple external connections I can switch via an external script.

Manually triggering the script works fine. "IP Check Uses Proxy" works fine too and the reconnect is detected correctly.

Using automatic reconnect on the other hand dosn't work as long as the proxy is activated. The reconnect is not triggered it seems much like in

Depending on the age of the posts I found, the general message is "Reconnect is not triggered for proxys since they are not supposed to change IP's" while the thread above indicates "proxy reconnect via advanced settings" in post #10

...which I am unable to find....

If I get it right some other post indicates a reconnect should work on the first proxy if there are more than one.

So what is the state on automatic reconnect and proxys?

If possible I'd like to file this as a feature request.

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